Welcome to Z-Wave the Public Standard Developer Site

On this site you will find all the information needed to get started with Z-Wave technology. The content is intended for users who wish to take their Z-Wave experience to the next level and start developing their own applications or understand in more details how the technology works.

For information regarding Z-Wave in general visit z-wave.com and www.silabs.com

Where to Start?

The best way get started is to jump straight into the getting started guide. There you will find information regarding what hardware is required to start and how you use Z-Wave APIs for the first commands.

Start development

After that you can either continue with tutorials and get introduced to the Z-Wave technology through working with examples. Or you can jump straight to the documentation and get into the details such as the command classes that make up the core of the Z-Wave interoperability standard.

Jump to the specifications

What Other Resources Should I Be Aware Of?

The Z-Wave Alliance – For those wanting to use Z-Wave technology for more than just a hobby project the Z-Wave alliance is a rich source of potential business partners and the way into becoming part of the future of IoT devices. Read more here.

Z-Wave SDK and ZTS – For business partners wishing to create their own devices based on Z-Wave technology there are different development kit options and Z-Wave support portal with more tools, documentation, and direct access to technical support.

Z-Wave Product listing – On z-wave.com there is a public list of certified products that can be used in solutions built on the public specifications and samples.

Certification Program – To maintain the interoperability of Z-Wave devices all devices, controllers, and gateways has to be certified before they may carry the Z-Wave logos. Read more about the certification program here.

What Can I Do With The Public Documentation?

Use the tutorials to learn how to build applications, and use the community forum to get help or request new tutorials. After going through the tutorials or reading the specifications you can build applications or services that interact with Z-Wave devices using the command classes and interface with Z-Wave devices in the same way as other devices on an IP network.

The public documentation can also be used to find out if you need to be a Z-Wave partner for the project you are working on. Certain types of products are required to be certified to maintain the market leading interoperability of Z-Wave. Certification is only available for registered development partners to make sure the certification is issued to the correct legal entity.