Z/IP Sample Client

ZWare Sample Client User Guide


The ZWare Sample Client is an easy-to-use application which demonstrates a selection of the Z-Ware Web API to the user. The Client assists a Z-Wave supported device to communicate with a Z-Ware web server.


This guide describes how to setup and run the client on a PC.
Dependencies and Setup


The ZWare Sample Client currently supports the following functionality:
1.Connect to either a ZWare local or portal server
2.Include a device to the network
3.Exclude a device from the network
4.Poll the network to get a list of nodes.
5.Poll the network to get the status of a binary switch (if any), binary sensor (if any) and multilevel sensor (if any) that is connected to the network and
6.Toggle a binary switch (if any) in the network to change it's current state using the application


Connect to a network
Polling the network
Including/Excluding a device
Working with Binary Switches
Working with Binary Sensors
Working with Multilevel Sensors